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Designing and building your own home will possibly give the most satisfaction in life after getting married and raising a family. Some ambitious couples do all three at the same time.

Specialising in architecturally designed homes we listen and work with you to achieve a home that precisely meets your expectation, taste and lifestyle.

We encourage your involvement throughout with our job being to asses, design, plan and deliver. Keeping you informed, offering options and ideas to achieve the best results for you. We can build almost anything with the appropriate materials, skills and budget and we do like a challenge, however there are materials and design features we prefer to avoid in favour of lower risk, more durable or economic options.

Some products given glowing references in trendy TV ads you would never see on a good builder's site. With facts and experience we will guide you through the myriad of options and show how durability and life cycle cost can be more important than price.


Design & Build

Building your dream home is a great kiwi tradition At Stuart Wood Home Builders we know a complimentary team of owner, designer and builder to personalise your plan achieves the best results and value. We ensure your vision is realised and your expectation exceeded.  

We achieve this by working through a methodical process of design, material selection and construction with options and reviews along the way.

Accepting we are all different we work with a number of talented designers to best match your style and personality as relationships are important in achieving the best results.


The Bigger Picture

The bricks & mortar building stage is often the easiest. 

Section size, orientation to sun, wind and views, vehicle access, family needs, lifestyle, materials and budget all require careful consideration.

Location obviously is important, your family, friends, children’s schooling, sport, hobbies, entertainment and of course work are all factors to consider especially the cost of transportation and time spent in traffic.

I am proud of the support, service and craftsmanship our staff, sub-contractors and suppliers contribute to every job we undertake. Our priority is to ensure you receive the very best in design, value, service and quality.



Location can be everything and hard to replace. Whether it be an extension, modernisation or redevelopment, the expertise and experience Stuart Wood Home Builders can call on to inform you will make your decisions and options clear.

A renovation you can’t detect is one of our measures of success. Again almost anything is possible; our skills lie in transforming your property to provide the quality of life you require well into the future while being honest on cost and complexity.

Given that the majority of prime areas were developed decades ago many of these homes contain charm and durable timbers however are often tired and inferior in terms of services, insulation and fittings.  

Options of refurbishment, modernisation, extension, recladding, replacement or re siting all need to be considered along with your budget, desires and future plans.

Renovations call for a different and more demanding skill set, one of the reasons we maintain traditional craftsman. Architectural and interior design often needs to compliment existing surroundings and preserving what cannot easily be replaced.    

We value our contribution these landmark properties that serve their owners well for decades and give immense job satisfaction.


Unique projects

A unique project or one that pushes the bounds of design and materials should allow a time and budget contingency. A good builder will have made you aware of this during the planning stage and have sort several expert opinions and solutions, a good reason to talk to a builder very early on.

A good builder possesses expertise and knowledge in many areas. They need to know and understand all the requirements and pitfalls of different sites, designs, materials and construction methods.

Builders need to overcome problems, have a good grasp of costs and be able to recommend solutions to achieve your desired result within your budget and be straight with you if your dreams are unrealistic or likely to pose any significant risk.

Not all builders are equal, often problems result from builders stepping too far from their area of expertise. We will be honest and sometimes decline involvement if we are uncomfortable and tell you why.


Concrete Homes

Longevity, maintenance and lasting appeal are certainly areas where New Zealand residential construction can be improved after many decades of lightweight homes built quickly at the lowest cost.

More people are now realizing the appreciating value of more substantial construction methods, their lower lifecycle cost and benefits in erecting lasting homes in desirable areas that will serve a family for several generations as prime land becomes scarcer.

Stuart Wood home Builders strongly believe durability from appliances, vehicles and homes is better for our environment and your investment. See our "Thermalcrete" Show Home where we have demonstrated "The Future of Building" in a home unique to New Zealand utilising some of the world's best technology and materials.

Stu’s pride in his work has enabled him to achieve a result that is representative of someone who is and truly deserves to be called a master builder
— Sue & Phil
Stack bonded structural masonry, cedar weatherboard and bespoke detailing.   

Stack bonded structural masonry, cedar weatherboard and bespoke detailing.


Custom Schist wood fire & sourrounds

Custom Schist wood fire & sourrounds