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Classical and timeless design utilising permanent materials.

Classical and timeless design utilising permanent materials.


Hi I’m Stuart Wood, director & owner of Home Builders BOP.

Our skilled team is committed to quality residential construction and proud of our many awards.

If you share our values we may be the right partner for your proposed building project.


Bespoke modern architecture throughout 440m2 of quality.

Bespoke modern architecture throughout 440m2 of quality.


New homes of bespoke designs, proven plans, alterations, modernisation or recladding.

From section selection, planning, materials advice, design and construction management. We prioritise quality, service. Life cycle value and the environment. We build for a better quality of life, lower living costs & investment in your family's future.   

Expansive country home with Macrocarpa features.

Expansive country home with Macrocarpa features.


View our  Lakeview Showhome, renovation and design and build galleries.

Completed new homes, alterations and the revolutionary, Award Winning "Thermalcrete" show home at 14 Bracken Mews, The Lakes, Tauranga. You'll find our latest projects on our news page. Here you'll see photos and updates as projects progress.

Stuart Wood of Home Builders BOP will offer Advice, Expertise And Practical Experience You Won't Hear Anywhere Else!

Many parts of the world have temperature extremes, their buildings perform well for decades, their occupants are warm, dry & healthy. Much of New Zealand's housing stock is in poor condition, damp and cold even in our moderate climate.

 In NZ we have always built much the same way. We build quick, cheap & lightweight with relatively low insulation values and little regard for ventilation or thermal mass and to just comply with the building code and act.

These rules set a minimum standard for strength, warmth and durability. For the benefit of your family, your investment and our housing stock we can do better, efficiently. No different than putting the cheapest tyres on your car, you get what you paid for in terms of safety, comfort and mileage.

Whatever anyone's marketing message says you can only have any two of Quick, Cheap & Good. Contact me or visit our "Thermalcrete" show home at 14 Bracken Mews, The Lakes, 1-4 Sat & Sun for no nonsense free advice.   


It’s Important you contract the Right Building Company for You and the Type of building project you plan to start.

A good builder has expertise and knowledge in many areas, to know and understand all the requirements and pitfalls of different sites, designs, materials and construction methods. Our staff build your whole home from set out to the last towel rail, we posses traditional carpentry skills and up skill regularly.

Not all builders are equal; many these days lack expertise in traditional tasks as a result of fragmentation of the industry and contracting out these tasks. Some have very limited experience with steep sites, tricky renovations or challenging architectural designs so make sure your favoured builder is up to the task.


Quality – Service – Price

Select your builder on Quality, Service and Price, best also in that order, as “the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”


Insurances – Contracts – Building Codes - Guarantees

Being Licensed Building Practitioners & Registered master Builders we tick all the boxes and explain everything to you before any work begins.


Project Management & Communication Skills Essential

Coordinating a large and diverse team from designers, engineers, many sub trades and suppliers to fittings, finishes, floor coverings and systems such as heating, ventilation, noise reduction, security and data requires time, knowledge and good relationships. 

With the support of a competent, reliable team we achieve the best results for you, relieving stress by allowing you to make timely informed decisions.